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Case Study: Surgical Specialists of Louisiana

How a Busy Bariatric Surgical Practice Saved $60,000 Annually

There were some big promises made by the ProNex team and I was a bit skeptical. Well, I'm thrilled to say PatientFlow® has delivered well beyond my wildest expectations and it's allowed us to scale our practice profitably and predictably. PatientFlow makes it seamless to communicate with other systems and eliminates many of the tedious tasks our front & clinical staff were bogged down by. A complete game-changer for SSL as far as I'm concerned. Thomas Lavin, MD CEO, Surgical Specialists of Louisiana
Another FTE would have cost the practice an additional $60,000/year (with benefits, payroll tax etc). With Pronex’ PatientFlow ®, our marketing director can now produce reports within one database because leads from our website. No more redundant entry! Laura M Boyer, RN, CBN Director of Clinical Systems


  • Cut more than 30+ manual tasks patient coordinators were doing to move patients along
  • Eliminated all manual tasks
  • Automatic workflow alerts and communication to patients occur intuitively
  • Connected surgeons and leadership to the PatientFlow Pro Dashboard
  • Converting surgeries faster and with a greater level of predictability
Covington, LA
7 Surgeons
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My ProConnect

It takes a lot of communication and a lot of tracking as we move the patients through a system of insurance requirements and medical clearances where the patient eventually gets the clearance to go ahead for a surgical procedure. Some of the issues that surfaced were:

  • Excessive use of various databases and spreadsheets caused a major backlog in timely follow up to prospective patients
  • Too many unnecessary points of repetitive entry of the same information.
  • Inability to produce insightful business intelligence reports to help with marketing efforts
  • Hours and hours of manual counting and calculation
  • Turnaround time to reach out to incoming leads increased to an average of 5+ days

In 2012, SSL chose PatientFlow to automate their patient tracking workflow, streamline surgical pipeline processes across all office locations, and minimized program drop offs. In less than 4 weeks PatientFlow was fully implemented and completely eliminated redundancy while increasing efficiency. PatientFlow is now the centralized location where all surgical-related data and patient pipeline metrics are stored and accessible to anyone in the practice, from any office. It’s become clear to everyone that hiring another Patient Advocate wouldn’t be necessary and that PatientFlow is indeed a tool that allows SSL to drive revenue realization.

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