Tired of Experiencing Issues with following the patient from initial consult to surgery?

Healthcare providers engage with patients during routine exams and when problems arise in the changing healthcare landscape, that’s not enough.

PatientFlow® is an information-sharing (interoperable) platform that securely and seamlessly connects data from disparate health IT systems to improve visibility into patients’ progress, treatment and medical history across the continuum of care. The result? Improved productivity and patient outcomes with fewer delays, frustrations and wasted costs.


PatientFlow® is a Patient Relationship Management System. It helps manage the patient flow from the first contact on the practice’s public web site to surgery for bariatric surgery practices or medical evaluation for non surgical practices.


PatientFlow® provides a robust environment without compromizing ease of use. Here are some of the features:

  • Web Service to integrate leads from public web site into PatientFlow®
  • Insurance Verification
  • Communications Log
  • Call back management
  • Document management
  • Array of marketing and workflow management reports
  • Full integration with My ProConnect or the CORE




Using PatientFlow® will save your practice time and money and provide greater levels of efficiencies because of the following:

  • Very friendly user interface for the health professional and patient
  • System tailored to bariatric surgery practices’ needs
  • Lead are stored in your database. No double entry when converting a lead to a patient.
  • Improve patient satisfaction and conversion rate through a better management of the workflow.
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PatientFlow® will increase your efficiency and streamline your operation.
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