About Us

ProNex was started in order to help clinicians treating obesity. Since then, the ProNex team have been focused on building clinical tools for obesity management professionals. Our mission is to develop a complete integrated solution that enables health professionals to manage their patient’s health and wellness with user-friendly technologies.

ProNex delivers a Patient Relationship Management (PRM) solution to Bariatric and Surgical Practices across the country that need to establish or grow their programs. PRM is both a strategic methodology and a sophisticated technology platform which combine to provide revenue realization and lower costs by driving out inefficiencies. The productivity gains from PatientFlow delight our customers while enabling surgical programs to scale profitably.

As healthcare models shift towards value based outcomes, providers need better solutions that connect the right people involved in the entire continuum of care. ProNex is at the cutting edge with their suite of solutions to help healthcare providers thrive while helping patients create behavioral change.


Our solutions will increase your efficiency, streamline your operation and you’ll realize more revenue.