Absolutely. PatientFlow integrates with your PM or EHR using industry standard HL7 messaging. Patient demographic, appointments, and insurance data is integrated so your team can securely access the information they need, when they need it, without repeat entry.

Our pricing is based on a monthly subscription site license fee per location. Contact us for more information.

Your EHR is designed to store patients’ clinical records, not manage the surgical scheduling process. PatientFlow compliments your EHR by automating the entire patient pipeline, scheduling workflow, significantly increasing efficiency and reducing errors and cancellations. Read our Success Stories to learn more.

First, our implementations team performs an in-depth discovery workflow analysis based on your current processes. Next, they compile a comprehensive workflow design document to ensure that every part of the system is built in accordance with your program’s unique needs.

Absolutely. The software is designed with access control, user authentication for system access, audit and lineage reporting, security documentation and servers are house in a HIPAA compliant environment.

Emphatic yes. We can offer you additional forms, including customized patient letters and can digitize your entire intake and registration process.

Through a combination of web-based seminars and onsite visits to your practice or program.

The implementation cycle typically takes seven weeks – from the first kick-off call until the go-live. The process includes the design, configuration, installation, and training.

Absolutely. At the top right corner of the screen, click ‘Request Demo’ and we will get back to you pronto to set up a short conversation to learn more about your situation and get some input so we can customize a demo for you.

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