All your medical data in one place!

The problem is simple. Patients may visit a number of different providers, and may have a different portal to access their medical information. This can be confusing, difficult, even more so if you are responsible for the health of your children, parents, or other relatives.

How does this work

ProNex’s Medical Home is designed to provide any patient the ability to consolidate all of their medical information in one place, organizing medical information received from the different doctors they visit by category, and to allow communications from to their providers using Direct secure messaging (known as Direct) technology.

It places the patient at the center, and also allows them to conduct telehealth visits, consolidate their medical devices data, and to track when appropriate other data points, such as food tracking, exercise, ….

As soon as patients complete the simple Registration process for Medical Home, they are assigned a ‘Direct’ address that allows them to communicate securely with any provider having a Direct address.

When integrated with PatientFlow, Medical Home benefits from information posted to PatientFlow by the practice such as education materials, lab results, clinic notes, …

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