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Surgical Pipeline and Patient Tracking Automation with PatientFlow

The pathway to Bariatric surgery is NOT a linear process. Which means, your staff is going to be spending time with potential patients before they actually become patients or any revenue is realized. Managing patient pipeline shouldn’t be this hard, but it is for many programs. PatientFlow was created out of our client’s painpoint in tracking patients in the journey towards surgery and beyond with ongoing monitoring. PatientFlow is all about eliminating manual processes and allowing your staff to become more efficient. Believe it, or not, some programs still work off of excel spreadsheets and some don’t even track. PatientFlow streamlines the entire process from initial prospect procurement all the way through surgery and beyond with enhanced reporting, optimal grip on patient acquisition spending, and better budgeting for your entire organization.

What’s Getting in the Way?

New approaches to patient tracking and bariatric surgical pipeline remove profitability barriers.

Patient tracking friction comes in many forms. It sabotages your surgical program revenue, undermines partner motivation and keeps bariatric coordinators, surgery schedulers, service line directors, and administrative leaders tied to your programs financial performance up at night. Programs attempt to reduce it by hiring more people, reengineering workflows and reassuring leadership that tomorrow will be better. Incremental improvements help in the near term, but somehow the big results bariatric programs seek never materialize.

Bariatric programs want a breakthrough that will take their patient tracking and surgical conversion processes to the next level. But it’s hard to know how to get there from here.

Do any of these friction points sound familiar?

  • Not knowing the exact number of prospective patients in your pipeline at any given moment
  • Unclear understanding of what stage patients are lost or “stuck” in the process
  • Constant headaches of spending hours putting together reports for leadership with meaningful data
  • Hidden gaps that EMR companies fail to deliver
  • Inability to keep track of new patients coming into your practice — from initial prospect interaction to surgery
  • Challenges making sure patients are meeting insurance criteria for treatment methodologies
  • Inconsistencies in delivering patient education and engagement throughout the entire care continuum
  • Unsure which marketing or growth channels are adding to the bottom line

PatientFlow® seamlessly connects data from disparate health IT systems to improve visibility into a patient’s progress, starting from initial tracking throughout the entire care continuum. Now you can monitor vital business statistics & deliver pertinent patient education without manually extracting data from separate systems or spending hours in excel. The result? Improved staff productivity and patient outcomes with fewer delays, frustrations and wasted costs.

Finally, A System That Allows You to Eliminate the
Guesswork So You Can Predictably Grow Your Practice

  • With PatientFlow ®, our marketing director can now produce reports from one database. These key insights gives us the right information we need to drive up production in our Patient Advocate department without having to hire another FTE. Another FTE would have cost the practice an additional $60,000/year (with benefits, payroll tax etc). This system has advanced our practice to another level.
    Laura Boyer RN, CBN, Director of Clinical Systems, Surgical Specialists of Louisiana
  • “PatientFlow® is robust with options and extremely user friendly. This system has allowed us to provide phenomenal patient care, while also educating and engaging the patient throughout our care continuum. It's saved time and the real time dashboard and reports have helped drive a substantial revenue increase year over year.
    Leslie Ellison CEO | Weigh to Wellness, LLC
  • This company started out with a vision to develop an innovative communication platform that would enhance the physician-patient relationship in the impending impersonal electronic medical world.
    Uyen B. Chu MD, FACS, FASMBS
  • Good Morning Uyen! I wanted you to know that the ProNex iphone app saved me yesterday. I ran up to Hattiesburg yesterday and realized when I got there that I’d forgotten my iPAD on my desk – for clinic charting and office notes. I was able to successfully do my entire office thru the My ProConnect iphone app and didn’t miss a beat. Thanks for all that you’ve done with our EMR and all that you continue to do for us!! With greatest appreciation! Don Donald A. Balder, MD FACS
    Donald A. Balder MD, FACS
  • When we met with Fred and his team there were some big promises made on his end and I was a bit skeptical. Well, I'm thrilled to say PatientFlow® has delivered infinitely and it's allowed us to scale our practice profitably & predictably. His system makes it seamless to communicate with other systems and eliminates many of the tedious tasks our front & clinical staff were bogged down by. A complete game-changer for SSL as far as I'm concerned.
    Thomas Lavin MD CEO | Surgical Specialists of Louisiana
  • Our day-to-day workflow is significantly better. Our employees have a better work life balance with the new ease of charting and documenting. Also, closing out at the end of month, daily accounting practices, as well as inventory have all become significantly easier. I would recommend this program and team to any and all looking to better, or even start their practice.
    Allan Trotman Clinic Manager - Bariatric Health & Wellness


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