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Dr. Trace W. Curry & Lisa Sprong
Surgeon, Founder & Practice Manager JourneyLite Physicians

We were using 5 different applications to track patients, communicate with them and do our intake and registration process to manage our very busy practice. Because we were not happy with the system we had in place and the cost associated with that we decided to look for a vendor who can solve our problem. After talking to ProNex we made the decision to move forward with them. They made a promise that was very compelling that they would provide a one stop shop solution for our programs and now 18 months later we are relieved and very pleased to work with the entire team.ProNex made a promise to be very responsive, get us untangled with all the apps we were using and solve our problem. We are very pleased that they are the vendor we chose, and truly appreciate the partnership and responsiveness.After the completion of the migration, we have replaced all the functionality we needed, but also got substantial improvements such as a reduction of double entry for amounts to collect from patients before their visit, capturing surgery adverse events, and automated rules to message with patient, ... With most vendors we have worked with, the level of support quickly dwindles after the onboarding period. Almost 2 years after the onboarding, we are still getting a level of support similar to what we received initially. I highly recommend selecting adopting ProNex Inc’s solutions like PatientFlow to improve your practice efficiency.

Karol Clark & Dr. Thomas W. Clark
Practice Manager and Surgeon Center for Weight Loss Success

PatientFlow® has significantly improved our productivity and patient satisfaction when it comes to tracking everything required prior to weight loss surgery and beyond. Having all patient communication and required documents in one HIPAA compliant place has simplified everything for our patients and our team. Whether used as a comprehensive solution for surgical and/or medical weight loss services or integrated (easily) with your current EMR, ProNex Inc. has everything you need in one easy-to-implement solution!

Jasmine Kapoor
MPH, RD, LDN Bariatric Program Manager at West Suburban Medical Center

Patient Flow® has been a vital addition to our Bariatric Practice, one that has made our program efficient and more organized. Our previous CRM was cumbersome and required manual staff input at every level, which was not only a burden on staff, but was also ripe for user error. PatientFlow® is very intuitive and has allowed us to create workflows that automatically re-categorize patients, send out alerts, reminders, emails, text messages, etc. depending on the situation. It has helped us ensure that patients don’t fall through the cracks or become stagnant in the process. As the Program Manager, I really appreciate the reports I can run that allow me to track everything from marketing, referrals, patient progress, staff efficiency, and much more. Perhaps the most impressive part of PatientFlow® has been our partnership with the CEO Fred Pira and Jean Laforest (our IT consultant). Not only did they help customize PatientFlow® to our specifications, but they’ve been extremely patient and accessible during the entire implementation process. Any glitches we have had have been resolved in hours if not minutes and I can always get ahold of someone when we run into problems. I highly recommend PatientFlow® to any Bariatric program that is looking to optimize their operations.

Steven D. Johnson
Administrative Director Healthy Weight Management / Lancaster General Health

The experience with PatientFlow® has been a very positive one. From planning to implementation to on-going support, Pronex has been there all the way. Our goal is likely the same as yours: get each patient safely and efficiently to surgery. The CRM functions provided by Pronex and the customizable data-mining capabilities are excellent to assist with market research and patient contact. Further, there was ample guidance from the Pronex team and (blinded) examples offered of how other programs “solve the riddle”. I would highly recommend that you schedule a demo with Fred and his team.

Cindy Jester Caywood
MS, RD, RD-LDE Practice Manager Georgetown Community Hospital

PatientFlow® has allowed us to streamline our process with automated contact emails to our patients. We have the capability to email straight from the patients dashboard and use templates that we have created and customized for our program. Our workload has decreased with the automation of seminar attendance to online application. The fact that the program is so customizable has made it an asset to our program.

Leslie Ellison
Practice Founder Weigh to Wellness

The CORE® is robust with options and extremely user friendly. This system has allowed us to provide phenomenal patient care, while also educating and engaging the patient throughout our care continuum. It’s saved time and the real-time dashboard and reports have helped drive a substantial revenue increase year over year.

Thomas Lavin
MD, CEO Surgical Specialists of Louisiana

There were some big promises made by the ProNex team and I was a bit skeptical. Well, I’m thrilled to say PatientFlow® has delivered well beyond my wildest expectations and it’s allowed us to scale our practice profitably and predictably. PatientFlow makes it seamless to communicate with other systems and eliminates many of the tedious tasks our front & clinical staff were bogged down by. A complete game-changer for SSL as far as I’m concerned.

Laura M Boyer
RN, CBN Director of Clinical Systems Surgical Specialists of Louisiana

Another FTE would have cost the practice an additional $60,000/year (with benefits, payroll tax etc). With Pronex’s PatientFlow®, our marketing director can now produce reports within one database because leads from our website. No more redundant entry

Uyen Chu
MD, Bariatric Surgeon Surgical Specialists of Louisiana

This company started out with a vision to develop an innovative communication platform that would enhance the physician-patient relationship in the impending impersonal electronic medical world.

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“ProNex is revolutionizing the healthcare landscape by bridging the gap between patients and medical professionals, and fostering an environment that prioritizes well-being and accessibility.”

“Verywell has significantly transformed the healthcare industry by seamlessly connecting patients and healthcare providers, cultivating a supportive space that values health, convenience, and individualized care above all else.”

“Verywell is genuinely reshaping healthcare by uniting patients and medical experts in a powerful way, while creating a culture centered on wellness, ease of access, and personalized healthcare experiences.”

“ProNex is revolutionizing the healthcare landscape by bridging the gap between patients and medical professionals, and fostering an environment that prioritizes well-being and accessibility.”


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Additional FTEs would have cost the practice $120,000/year (with benefits, payroll tax etc). With Pronex’s The CORE®, you can now produce reports within one database with the leads from our website. No more redundant entry