The ultimate Patient Relationship Management System for Surgery Practices.
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Your Patient Tracking Pipeline Doesn't Need To Be Complicated

PatientFlow® is the digital front door that provides referrals, intake & registration, pre-surgery, post-surgery and ongoing monitoring throughout the entire journey of your patients.


  • We engage patient education
  • We engage the practices digital “frontdoor”
  • We clear the noise
  • We verify insurance
  • We support patient health records
  • We engage new patient engagement paradigms
  • We ENGAGE results


  • We automate practice workflows
  • We automate data exchange
  • We automate patient communication andreminders.
  • We automate insurance verification
  • We automate patient education
  • We automate surgical scheduling
  • We AUTOMATE results


  • We optimize reporting with our advanced analytics.
  • We optimize communication
  • We optimize surgical pull through
  • •We optimize interoperability
  • We optimize patient referrals
  • We optimize patient obesity management goals.
  • We OPTIMIZE results

“PatientFlow® has allowed us streamline our process with automated contact emails to our patients.  ”

Cindy, Georgetown Community Hospital
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Enhance Patient Interaction and Satisfaction.

PatientFlow® revolutionizes patient engagement by providing a seamless and intuitive platform for healthcare practices. With its robust features and user-friendly interface, patients can easily interact with their healthcare providers, leading to increased satisfaction and improved outcomes.
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Average Annual Savings ProNex brings.

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Additional FTEs would have cost the practice $150,000/year (with benefits, payroll tax etc). With Pronex’s PatientFlow®, you can now produce reports within one database with the leads from our website. No more redundant entry

Overcoming Practice Pain Points with PatientFlow®.

Improved Patient Pipeline Management

Challenge: Struggling with unclear patient pipelines, lost or 'stuck' patients, and disrupted onboarding due to clinical pathway changes.

Benefit: PatientFlow® offers a clear view of your entire patient pipeline, from prospects to surgery, simplifying onboarding and tracking, even during clinical changes.

Seamless Patient Tracking and Compliance

Challenge: Difficulties in following patients from initial consult to surgery, tracking new patient intake, and ensuring insurance criteria compliance.

Benefit: PatientFlow® ensures smooth tracking of patients throughout their journey, from first contact to post-surgery, while aiding in meeting insurance requirements for various treatments.

Enhanced Patient Education and Marketing

Challenge: Gaps in patient education, engagement inconsistencies, and uncertainty about effective marketing channels.

Benefit: PatientFlow® bridges educational gaps and maintains consistent patient engagement, providing insights into which marketing strategies contribute most to your practice's growth.