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Key Features of The CORE® Platform.

Two-Way Communication Enhancement

Empowers two-way communication with patients to facilitate integration of data directly into the system prior to the clinic encounter..

Intelligent Diagnostic Assistance

Use best practice models to generate diagnosis based upon the patient’ history to guide the PCP’ therapy

Personalized Therapy and Accountability

Based upon best practice models, this platform can generate a “TOP 10” list of nutritional/fitness skills to help the provider deliver more effective therapy. Patients can also walk away from a visit with tangible goals and expectations.

Data-Driven Clinical Insights

Continue to hold patient accountable for their actions with meal plans, food/activity logs, and tracking of skills acquisition.

Comprehensive Educational Resources

Pertinent clinical data can be collected through the physician patient communications platform (PPCP) to generate pertinent reports as it relates to weight management.

Advanced Patient Engagement

Provides ongoing education through an online curriculum designed by experience weight management professionals
Step 1.

Revolutionary Turn-Key Obesity Management Solution for Physicians

The CORE® system was created to enable primary care physicians to manage health conditions of patients through the use of innovative technology. The CORE® system enhances individual care, optimizes patient relationship management, and improves clinician productivity. The CORE® system arms the provider with the necessary tools to deliver effective and efficient treatments.
Step 2.

Enhance Care

A turnkey medically supervised weight loss solution that is ready to use, that allows you to begin operations swiftly and efficiently.

Our two decades of experience with multiple practices and disciplines has given us a unique perspective and advantage perfecting the implementation process.

With ProNex you receive hands-on support throughout the entire process. Our turnkey methodology provides not only the support, but the leadership required for a successful launch.

With our proprietary Blueprint methodology, as well as our digital software platform, the process is smooth, seamless, and less time-consuming than other solutions in the marketplace.
Step 3.

Optimize Patient Relationship Management

  • Complete Visibility of patients’ status based on real-time data
  • Improved outcomes and greater patient engagement
  • Increased staff productivity
  • Increased revenue
  • Unlock the secret of PRM while you control the automation
Step 4.

Improve Clinician Productivity

An interactive education platform for patients to learn new habits and information, maximizing their success.


Does PatientFlow® integrate with my PM and EHR system?

PatientFlow® is a patient relationship management system which focuses on improving workflows and maximizing surgery conversions in surgical practices. Although it can act as a stand-alone, PatientFlow® works better when being integrated with an EMR. The purpose of the integration is two-fold: minimize duplicate data entry for new patients and provide patient navigators information about the patient to help make sure that insurance requirements are met in a timely manner and provide helpful analytics about the practice. The integration can be based on the EHR’s API or on HL7 standards.

How much does PatientFlow® cost?

To determine costs ProNex will schedule a discovery call to learn more about your program and practice. We will do a free assessment and use our proprietary ROI calculator to help determine costs. Once this is completed, we can arrive at a monthly fee.

Is PatientFlow® HIPAA compliant?

PatientFlow® is hosted in a HIPAA compliant data center. It was built with HIPAA in mind and complies with all its requirements.

How is training done?

The typical PatientFlow® training is conducted over several web conferences. Training sessions are customized by user role (front office, navigator, insurance specialist, practice manager, …) so that it can be focused on the parts of the application that are most useful to the audience.

Can I schedule a demo?

Absolutely. Just click schedule a demo anywhere on our website and someone will reach out to you in in less than 24 hours.

I already have an EHR, why do I also need PatientFlow®?

The EMR captures clinical data, the billing system captures financial data, and the Patient Relationship Management tool manages the patient through the entire continuum of care in surgical pipeline. Regardless of what practice you work in there are two points in time that are constant. The patient point of contact and the point where long term follow up begins. Assuming you are nodding your heads in agreement, let us throw in what happens in between these points. Now the question is how do you approach each step in the process? Pre-qualification… Information seminar….How are all these moving parts managed? Most surgical practices use their EMR as the “base of operations” for all of these.  That is the number one obstacle and the reason why a Patient Relationship Management software tool was developed.

Can I schedule a demo?

You can use any device with a stable internet connection, a webcam, and a microphone, such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer, for your telehealth appointments.

How is PatientFlow® customized for our workflow?

ProNex, Inc discusses your entire program and practice with you in detail. When we reach agreement about all current workflows and changes you would like to see we talk about customization and reconfiguring based on listening to the voices of the entire team. Then we can create a Statement of Work (SOW) that reflect the better more efficient workflow before we begin our implementation. We make it a top priority that we have heard each and everyone’s voice who will be working with the system to make sure it is exactly the way you want it to function.

Can PatientFlow® build forms or letters for us?

Absolutely. PatientFlow® supports custom forms. It also has a robust message template architecture that can be used to compose messages to patients including keywords that are decoded based on patient-related content prior to distribution.

How long does implementation take?

Depending on the schedules of staff and all that are involved it ranges from six to twelve weeks.

Does your System Capture the Data For the Obesity Medicine Qualifications That go Along with MBSAQIP accreditation?

Yes. Use of this product will ensure compliance with Obesity Medicine Data Collection for the MBSAQIP accreditation.

Is the CORE® customizable so it provides the 6 pillars of Lifestyle Medicine?

Yes. The CORE is highly customizable and provides robust functionality, and usable data to drive efficiencies for Lifestyle Medicine Professionals.
If you have any further questions, please reach out to our friendly support team.
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