Your Patient Tracking Pipeline Doesn't Need To Be Complicated

PatientFlow® is an application designed to help surgical practice leadership monitor the real-time status of enterprise-wide operations. From the first interaction with the patient to the last, PatientFlow® gives you complete visibility.

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We've surveyed many surgical practices and hear the same story over and over again…
Are you and/or your staff frustrated with any of the following?
  • Not knowing the exact number of prospective patients in your pipeline
  • Unclear understanding of which patients are lost or “stuck” in the process
  • Every change in the clinical pathway throws-off the patient onboarding process
  • Constant headaches from trying to wrap your head around the patient pipeline process
  • Difficulties following the patient from initial consult to surgery
  • Hidden gaps that EMR companies fail to deliver
  • Inability to keep track of new patients coming into your practice — from initial prospect interaction to surgery
  • Challenges making sure patients are meeting insurance criteria for treatment methodologies
  • Inconsistencies in delivering patient education and engagement throughout the entire care process
  • Unsure which marketing or growth channels are adding to the bottom line
Do you really know what’s going on with your patient pipeline?

Most surgical programs still track and monitor their business and clinical patient pipeline metrics using Excel or outdated software. Even worse, some aren’t tracking at all.

What’s wrong with this picture
  • It’s a huge time-sink for your entire staff, especially those preparing and trying to manually track patients.
  • It results in lost patients, time & money because issues are caught too late.
  • There is no ability to analyze important metrics over time without tedious and time-consuming process.
  • It results in a lack of accountability due to difficulty tracking patient progress toward surgery conversion and continuum of care.
  • It causes failure to track practice metrics that help make critical business and clinical decisions.

PatientFlow® allows you and your staff to bridge the gap between systems to seamlessly track your patients’ journeys, all while managing the health of your patients and analyzing which marketing campaigns are actually driving results for your practice.

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