How a Busy Bariatric Surgical Practice Saved $60,000 Annually

How Pronex Eliminated the Need for Another FTE With PatientFlow ®

It takes a lot of communication and a lot of tracking as we move the patients through a system of insurance requirements and medical clearances where the patient eventually gets the clearance to go ahead for a surgical procedure.

Laura M Boyer, RN and Director of Clinical Systems for Surgical Specialists of Louisiana

“ Our Patient Advocate department is a key group of staff in our practice. This group of experienced ladies works very hard to get the patients from first point of contact through to surgery.”

Grappling with Issues Around The Patient Relationship Management Process

Several problems surfaces as Pronex dug deep into the situation. Some of the issues that surfaced were:

  • Excessive use of various databases and spreadsheets caused a major backlog in timely follow up to prospective patients
  • Too many unnecessary points of repetitive entry of the same information.
  • Inability to produce insightful business intelligence reports to help with marketing efforts
  • Hours and hours of manual counting and calculation

The turnaround time had increased to an average of 5 days and SSL thought it is was time to hire another Patient Advocate to handle the volume.

How Pronex Eliminated the Need for Another FTE With PatientFlow ®:

In less than 4 weeks PatientFlow was fully implemented and completely eliminated redundancy while increasing efficiency.
It became clear to everyone that hiring another Patient Advocate wouldn’t be necessary.

SSL’s Patient Advocates are in Love With the New System

Patients are less likely to fall between the cracks because there is only one source of data for the advocates to retrieve. Productivity increased 65% and the turn around time between contacting patients from decreased from 5 to 3 days.

Laura M Boyer, RN, CBN Director of Clinical System

“Another FTE would have cost the practice an additional $60,000/year. With Pronex’ PatientFlow ® , our marketing director can now produce reports within one database because leads from our website. No more redundant entry!”

Don’t let the fate of your procedure flow be left to a manual back office processes.

See if PatientFlow ® is a fit for your practice. Complete an application to see if it’s an avenue we can go down together.